Laughing with our body

Letting the natural benefits of laughter enhance your massage

We use laughter and play to create connection, vitality and joy. Sim will guide you through a few different laughter exersizes to get you started (no tickling involved). Using laughter as a tool, we support people to digest and connect to our body and emotions. From there, we experience a therapeutic release to allow inherent joy, the freedom to be present, and to create a new possibility of wellbeing. 


Chemical Release

Experience the mood enhancement benefits like endorphins, and oxytocin laughter can create.


ParaSympathic Relaxation

After a laughter massage, you will likely feel very relaxed yet surprisingly energized.

"I started with massage with Sim, but quickly learned that he is so much more than an excellent therapist. Laughter is woven into virtually everything he says and does, and he has helped me to experience and understand the powerful therapeutic relase that results from frequent laughter, and that it doesn't matter what causes the laughter. I highly recommend Sim for massage. You won't regret it.