Yoga Flow

Integrating movement and laughter exercises in a light-hearted,
playful way that is fun and effective.

yoga flow is Fun!

great for waking up in the morning or winding down in the evening.

It breaks the mold of movement needing to be serious to be effective.  Specifically, the intention is to create joy, aliveness, and awareness.  It does this by combining both ancient and modern movement systems: qi gong, yoga asana, pilates, and functional movement with laughter exercises.

By moving the body intentionally in a light hearted playful way, the body and mind quickly connect forming new neural pathways for creative thinking, emotional balance, and a greater sense of flow in one’s day.

We believe motivation, vitality, and connection can be discovered through play and laughter.
Are you ready to break through your barriers and start seeing results? We focus on rewiring our minds and hearts to newly approach them.