Movement and Massage

Integrating movement and Massage in a light-hearted,
playful way that is fun and effective.

Yoga, Stretching, fitness Workouts integrated with Massage.

We Might start on the table or the Mat, and either way your muscles and joints will feel great afterwards.

By moving the body intentionally in a light hearted playful way, the body and mind quickly connect forming new neural pathways for creative thinking, emotional balance, and a greater sense of flow in one’s day.

Enhance your existing workout or focus on a particular pain point. 

Having a specific muscular pain or injury? We can help by focusing on functional exercises in the studio as well as suggestions for at-home work between sessions. 


I've had such an amazing experiences with Sim as a Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor. His humanity and essense is comforting and helpful as he guides you through movements. His strength and intuitive touch is so great as he gently and firmly work on your most tense muscles.