Fun Fit Fathers to be


Led by Sim Birnbaum

ARe you a soon to be new father getting ready for the birth of your first child?

ARe you feeling a bit nervous numb, or curious if you're up for the task?

Want to be there for your partner, but not exactly sure how?

Are you wanting to take the best from your own father while leaving the worst parts behind?

Do you feel fought in scarcity mentality in thinking about fatherhood?

I know I felt all of these things and more when I was on the brink of Fatherhood.

Fathers need support during this big transition. We can't do it alone. This group coaching program is meant to offer community, conversation, and new perspectives into the world of fatherhood.

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Five BiWeekly Sessions outlined below

"I feel more resourced and connected. It was profound to be sitting with a father before the birth, updates during the birth, and a week later having a paper on the call with messed up hair, giving updates. This was beyond powerful."


Session 1:

Sailor to Father:
Release resentment, fear, and shame in the way of your excitement, presence, and vision for becoming a father


Session 2:

Stories of our Fathers:
Connect with the gifts from your own father inheritance and let go of the inherited dysfunctional patterns that don't serve your vision for being a father


Session 3:

Purpose in Partnership:
Create more Passion, Presence and Ease in your relationship with your partner.


Session 4:

Money Talks:
Does money and scarcity get your way of really bringing the joy into this time? We release some of this stress and allow for planning and logistics to come easier.


Session 5:

Becoming a "Dude-la":
Develop a new skill set of how to support your birthing partner leading up to birth, and the vulnerable period after the birth. A doula will join the call and offer insight from the birthing ground zero.


Fun Fit Father to Be Group

  • (5) 75 Minute themed group sessions over Zoom and in-person
  • WhatsApp group for support and resources between sessions
  • Additional 1:1 coaching available throughout the course at a discounted rate
  • Next Group begins in May, inquire for more information.

EVery Other Tuesday

8:00-915pm EST


"From life coaching to laughter therapy, a massage with Sim incorporates multiple modalities of care. Simeon is a gift to our community. I am forever grateful. "