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We coach, train and transform individuals, groups, and organizations using laughter and play based exercises.



virtual mini courses

Our themed courses will take you from stress to opportunity.


Fun Fit Fathers

Join our group coaching program focused on fatherhood


virtual weekly classes

Our classes will bring you back to your center and ground you in laughter and play. 

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Men's laughter yoga class

Virtual; drop-ins welcome. No experience required. $10-$36 per class. Payment is gathered during class. 

on Zoom


7:00 -7:30 AM EST




Fun Fit Fathers

If you want to enjoy your best life, feel active, fit and experience powerful, and full self expression this course is for you. Experience incredible joy with beautiful and sustainable relationships with your partner, children, and family. In this course we will upgrade our amount of fun both in our own personal experience and at home with our family.  Additionally, we will increase our capacity and our ability to play physically both at home with family and outside of our homes

on Zoom

8 Tuesdays Starting June 21

830-930 pm EST

weekly classes

weekly offerings | wednesdays @ 7:00 AM

Our classes are composed of a series of exercises done in a group to relieve stress, unlock creativity, and energize the mind and body. We use laughter as an exercise using basic yoga and breath (pranayama) and specific, playful, everyday life scenarios to create lightness and a new perspective.

Laughter…Plato hated it. The bible discouraged it. The school you went to, probably, banned it. In our classes we will delve into the power of laughter as enlightenment tool (lighten up tool) to deal with everyday stresses, embrace our choice to be joyful in all areas of life, and to live in the present moment without needing to learn anything new or complicated. 

In our classes we use laughter to engage both the sympathetic and parasympathetic which energizes and relaxes the body and mind due to the high levels of oxygen intake. We infuse everyday situations with play and laughter and uncover the union with ourselves, others, and the universe.

Laughter Yoga leader training

JYFL laughter yoga leader training

Interested in offering a Laughter Yoga Training for your group? Get in touch with us!

This training is for yoga teachers, holistic health and wellness practitioners, health care professionals, activity and recreation therapists, entertainment professionals, elder care managers, staff members in assisted-living facilities, marriage and family therapists, sales professionals, senior center staff, teachers, leaders of support groups and religious groups as well as anyone who would like to add more laughter into their lives!

Join Sim and his team on the journey towards finding our laugh and inherent joy. The purpose of laughter yoga is presence. It uses a playful approach to connect with ourselves and others while experiencing the full range of emotions. During these stressful times, laughter can be used to relieve stress, build immunity and increase vitality.

Spend three days learning the history, theory and practice of Laughter Yoga. This training is fully online with “homeplay” assignments between Zoom sessions. Use the experience for your own personal self-care reset or to become certified to share laughter yoga with others. With the certification you will design sequences to teach Laughter Yoga to others! 

Training Details

Looking for a training? Ask Sim to run a training for your group!


All sessions of this training will be held on zoom.

In this experiential training, you will learn what laughter yoga is, how it works, the benefits, facilitation, and the sharing of it to friends, family, unique populations, and to businesses.

Anyone who would like to add more laughter into their life, relationships, businesses, community, etc:  
Introverts and extroverts, teachers, leaders, therapists/social workers, care-givers, Yoga Teachers, Health care professionals, Recreation Therapists, pretty much anyone and everyone.

For certificate option: $250, non-certificate option: $200

  • Attendance at all three training sessions 
  • “Homeplay” assignments: 1-2 hours per week
  • Observation Hours: Two hours of observing laughter yoga classes in person or online
  • Practicum Class: Promote and lead your own 30-60 minute laughter yoga class.
  • You will then receive a Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate through Laughter Yoga International
(You can also participate in the training without working towards certification)
  • 9.5 hours of experiential training over Zoom.
  • Additional out-of-class hours for experiential learning practicums, observations and exercises and “homeplay”.
  • A Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training Manual
  • Stress relief
  • Improved social dynamics in their primary relationships
  • A sense of peace, relaxation and lightness in the midst of COVID-19
  • Reducing emotional dissonance and mental fog
We believe motivation, vitality, and connection can be discovered through play and laughter.
Are you ready to break through your barriers and start seeing results? We focus on rewiring our minds and hearts to newly approach them.

“You don’t stop laughing because you grow older.
You grow older because you stop laughing.”