Create the best relationship you’ve ever had with yourself & your family

have you been told that being a father means sacrificing your health for your families health?

have you been told your prime fitness and freedom ends in your 20’s and 30’s?

Do you wish you could be playful and responsible to your parent to-do list? 

Do you want to find positivity in the midst of hard situations?

If you want to enjoy your best life, feel active, fit and experience powerful, and full self expression this course is for you. Experience incredible joy with beautiful and sustainable relationships with your partner, children, and family.

In this course we will upgrade our amount of fun both in our own personal experience and at home with our family.  Additionally, we will increase our capacity and our ability to play physically both at home with family and outside of our homes.  
Through this course you will see drastic increases in your body’s strength, flexibility, adaptability, and aerobic capacity, as well as, significantly increase playfulness with your children and family. Fitness can be fun and so can parenting…the intention of this course is to cultivate and bring joy and power to parenting and all areas of our lives.

8 Week online Course

for fathers of any age with young children

+ 1 hr live group session per week*

+1/2 hr personal coaching session

Each group session will include movement, coaching, and discussion.

*Class replays will be emailed within 24hrs of each class

Starting Tuesday, February 15, 2022 at 8:30 pm EST / 5:30 pm PST

Wondering if it’s right for you? Let’s talk through it.

Are you a professional father with young children who wants to be fun and fit in body, mind, and family? 

Make memories, good times, vacation, and build quality time over a lifetime.

Whether it’s fully enjoying retirement, finding and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and doing the things that matter to you, this course will dive into all of it and set a path for success. 

Celebrate your children’s/family life while simultaneously enjoying your own.

Family and parenting can be challenging to say the least. This community creates a container for you to express who you are, find your dreams, desires, and goals, and finally feel connected to both your role in family life, as well as, living into what you want. 

Do you resonate with any of these statements below?

Do you feel like you have too much to do and not enough time to reach your 
fitness goals while being the parent you want to be?

Are you feeling exhausted, stuck and claustrophobic, lonely,
maybe feeling like you’re wasting days or years of life?

Does parenting ever feel like another chore? 

Do you feel like you weren’t or haven’t been there for family?

Are you questioning yourself, doubting your ability to make good decisions?

Are you fearing that you’re being selfish or not pulling your weight in the family? 

Do you feel like your partner or children are pulling away,
and that you’re missing valuable time with them?

If you connect with any of these above.

you’re not alone. I’ve felt the same thing. 

Is this course a fit for you?

Are you ready to experience having it all? 
Do you want to experience heightened levels of vitality?

Do you want to feel energized and playful as a parent?
Do you want to increase the playability of your life?

Want to discover why and how being fit and fun improves your sex life?
Are you ready to experience yourself as desirable? 
Do you want you want to build resiliency as a father? 
Do you have the belief that you can’t have fun, be fit, and be a father? 
Do you struggle with fitness being unpleasant and boring?  
Do you find that being a father makes it too difficult to put yourself first? 
Does the balance between play and responsibility seem a little bit out of reach? 
Do you know that you do well with support and accountability from other men? 

If any of these resonate with you, then this course is for you!

Hi, I’m Shimon. I’m a father, a partner, and I love supporting fathers and men to live juicy, fun, fit, and fulfilling lives. 

I help people overcome their barriers to fitness by inspiring health, joy, and playfulness.

Shimon is a licensed massage therapist, health and fitness coach, RYT-500 Yoga Instructor, and life coach since 2006.  He has taught in places such the Omega Institute in New York and Blue Spirit retreat center in Costa Rica. Shimon has shared the gift of laughter yoga in a wide range of settings such as with people in hospice, cancer patients, children living in orphanages, teenagers at summer camp, corporate team building and at yoga studios around the world. 

Currently he is a practicing husband and father in Kalamazoo, Michigan, doing massage therapy, facilitating online trainings and finishing his Master’s in Social Work.




this course is about upgrading our lives in the areas of joy, vitality, and being a father.

8 Week online Course for fathers of any age with young children

+ 1 hr live group session per week (recordings available)

+1/2 hr personal coaching session each week


Entire Course for Only $1197 ($1497 value) or a 5 monthly payments of $297.

*If you are experiencing considerable financial hardship, there are limited scholarships available.  If this is you please schedule a discovery call to work this out


Starting Tuesday, February 15 at 8:30 pm EST / 5:30 pm PST

(each week on Tuesdays at this time)

Find out if it’s right for you. I’m here to help. 

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