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Meet Simeon darwick birnbaum

Simeon helps people overcome their barriers to fitness by inspiring health, joy, and playfulness.  Simeon is a licensed massage therapist, health and fitness coach, RYT-500 Yoga Instructor, and life coach since 2006.  He has taught in places such the Omega Institute in New York and Blue Spirit retreat center in Costa Rica. Simeon has shared the gift of laughter yoga in a wide range of settings such as with people in hospice, cancer patients, children living in orphanages, teenagers at summer camp, corporate team building and at yoga studios around the world. Currently he is a practicing husband and father in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Simeon believes we can explore play, creativity, vitality, and resilience through laughter and movement. Reconnecting and digesting our emotions through laughter, we experience inherent joy, the freedom to be present, and to create a new possibility of wellbeing.

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Return to your laugh and customize a one-on-one and group programs to transform your life. 


Classes and Courses

Our themed courses and classes will take you from stress to opportunity.


Yoga and Fitness PRivates

Combining both ancient and modern movement system with laughter exercises.


Massage Therapy

Relax, recover, renew.

Why Play and Laugh Now?

Laughter is one of the most normal and accepted ways in which humans embrace life: it is how we share love, express joy, cope with stress, and live in the present moment.   

Laughter Coaching and Laughter Yoga is a unique stress-management approach to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. 

unbind anger & stress

transform fear & pain

harness joy & creativity

channel connection & presence

real people. real results.

Our stories

“Shimon’s coaching has enabled me to truly enjoy life.”

Rick Stassa, Emerald Commercial Properties LLC

“Shimon has been one of the best gifts in my life … Working with him has strengthened me in body and soul. I met Shimon while my wife was going through Chemo treatments. His kindness and openness and willingness to travel this journey with me gave me the strength to take care of myself during the 5 years of caregiving. “

Chaya Spector

“Shimon has allowed me to give myself permission to do self-care; inside and out. Not only does he work with your body to allow you to feel your best and to know your body better, but he also provides a non-judgemental and fun sounding block that opens your mind and heart to new possibilities.” 


“My mood was uplifted from the first class onward. What a difference the class has made in my life since then. I have started to approach the world with a new lens.”

class participant

” I feel honored and wise enough to have joined forces with this community. If you want to raise your vibration and have a blast, consider jumping in with Shimon. In my experience, it was only positive and that good energy continues to ripple out.”

course participant

“Shimon has a gift for gently leading a group of people and for sharing his contagious laughter. To be a part of the Laugher Yoga training with him brought immense joy and more freedom into my life.”

Coaching Program participant

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

2022 classes & courses at a glance




men's laughter yoga group

This men’s laughter group is a safe space to explore and experience joy, power, and presence through laughter yoga. Zoom link details will be provided by email after registration. Virtual; drop-ins welcome. No experience required.

on Zoom


7:00 - 7:30 am EST




Fun Fit Fathers

If you want to enjoy your best life, feel active, fit and experience powerful, and full self expression this course is for you. Experience incredible joy with beautiful and sustainable relationships with your partner, children, and family. In this course we will upgrade our amount of fun both in our own personal experience and at home with our family.  Additionally, we will increase our capacity and our ability to play physically both at home with family and outside of our homes.

on Zoom

8 Tuesdays starting June 21st

830pm - 930pm EST